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GY50 Drilling Rig (Drilling Machine)
GY50 portable engineering drilling rig is a multi-purpose drilling rig with good stability and high reliability. The drilling rig is adopted with hydraulic pressure feeding structure, which has the function of rotation and percussion drilling. The drilling rig is adapted for many different drilling techniques and methods, which can be well applied in different sites and complex rock formation. The drilling rig is already widely used in seismic survey; boreholes; water well; dam and gallery construction; drain hole and hole in side slopes of the power bam, railway, highway, and so on.
Technical Specification of GY50 Drilling Rig
Basic Parameters
Drilling depth
Drilling diameter
Drill rod diameter                      
Gross weight of drilling rig
Dimension (length ×width × height)
1660 × 732 × 1170  mm
Revolving Plate
Rotate speed
            54 140  300 r/min
Maximum torque 
Driving travel
Maximum Cylinder driving force
Maximum Cylinder lifting force  
Lifting capacity(single pipe low speed)
Bobbin line speed
    0.32  0.68  0.46  1.17  2.53 m/s
Bobbin diameter
Rope diameter     
Rope capacity     
Drilling Derrick
Drive motor
     ChangchaiS195 Diesel Engine
Rated power
Tare weight